Our Leather

We pride ourselves in using only the best Argentinian leather. 

Argentina is well known for its leather - one of the best in the world. We source our materials from two of the best tanneries in Buenos Aires, selecting different types of leather for each project. As a natural product, no two batches are identical, so colors and textures vary slightly.

Hammered Leather: This leather is firm yet still soft to the touch, with full grain throughout. It features a subtle 'bubbly' finish, giving the pieces a casual look. We use hammered leather in our golfer style bag, the 'Tango crossbody'.

Smooth Leather: This is a thinner, very smooth leather, that is lightweight and soft to the touch. It features a beautiful uneven color, that gives the bags a rustic feel. Two of our crossbody bags are made using smooth leather: 'Paloma' and 'Porteña'.

Vegetable Tanned Leather: A result of a lengthy and artisanal process, this leather is the softest and most durable one. Each hide is unique and conserve many of the original markings of the cow, as well as its natural texture. These, far from being considered imperfections, carry the history of each piece, delivering a truly one of a kind feel. Most of our collection (all totes, shoulder bags, backpacks and wallets) are made with vegetable tanned leather.